Spring Classes

Our spring schedule starts the week of April 22nd and runs through mid June, 2019. 

Classes are designed with love to be developmentally appropriate, engage the senses on all age levels, cultivate creativity, and inspire joyful artistic learning. 


The Toddler Collective: Ages 1.5 - 3

The Toddler Collective is a caretaker and child play group that will allow our youngest artists (ages 1- 3) to play in an environment of diverse art and sensory experiences.  Little ones will enjoy free range in the studio as they engage their senses and explore art materials alongside their caretaker.  Sun 9:30 with Sarah, M 9:30 with Lacey, W 10:00 with Jenn, Th 9:30 with Erin, & Fri 9:30 with Erin. 4 Weeks, $100.

ADD EACH 4 WEEK* SESSION TO YOUR CART SEPARATELY.  Sign up for 2 sessions (8 weeks*) and use code "8weektoddler" at checkout for 5% off.   If its possible for you, try 8 weeks. It is amazing how much growth you’ll see in your little’s interactions with the materials!

*Sessions give or take a week due to holidays


Play & Make: Ages 2.5 - 5

Play & Make is a great opportunity for you to enjoy art and play alongside your 2.5- 5 year old. During this hour, students will be welcomed by a diverse selection of art and sensory experiences for them to explore independently. Open play will be followed by a transition to the table where students and caretakers will engage in an open ended teacher-led project.  This is a great transition class between The Toddler Collective and Art Explorers!  M 11:15 with Lacey, Th 11:15 with Erin.  8 Weeks, $224.


Art Explorers: Ages 3 - 5

This drop off class is all about the process of making!  Young artists (3- 5 year olds) will engage in a plethora of terrific materials: clay, glue, beads, buttons, fabric.  We'll explore printing, painting, sculpting, cutting and gluing. Through these open- ended explorations, children will find joy in the artistic process and learn that their physical actions have visual consequences. M 1:15pm with Lacey, T 2:00pm with Lacey, W 1:00pm with Lacey, Fr 11am with Erin (NEW!). 8 Weeks, $240.

*Sessions give or take a week due to holidays


Process Art Lab: Ages 4-6

This process- oriented class places an emphasis on exploration, creativity, and imagination. We'll dive into lots of different open ended art experiences that will expand our understanding of what we can do with materials. We'll work 2-d and 3-d materials. We'll paint, collage, sprinkle, combine, attach, smoosh, smear, splat.. all the fun actions that can happen in our safe little art space that will cultivate innovation, creative confidence, and fun! or Wed 3:00- 4:00pm with Lacey. 8 weeks $240.


Making with Paper: Ages 5-8

Elementary students will engage in creation, masquerade, and light exploration during this 8- week course. The common thread will be the most humble of materials- paper! How can we transform it 2-dimensionally and 3- dimensionally? How can we give it depth? During our eight weeks, students will create jumbo painted paper collages, build a layered paper mask, and explore light through the creation of shadow puppets. Inspiration will be channeled through modern, contemporary, and international folk art examples. M 3:45- 4:45pm with Emma, 8 Weeks, $240.


Drawing Club: Ages 7-10

In Drawing Club we’ll learn about traditional and unconventional ways of drawing. Students will advance their representational skills, and also gain a more diverse understanding of what drawing can be. We’ll observe and draw our bodies in motion and compose our own still life with charcoal and chalk pastel. We’ll explore kinetic drawing, using our whole bodies as tools, and we’ll extend our understanding of mark making using sumi ink brushes on poles. We’ll work big and we’ll work small with many different drawing media. 8 Weeks, $240.