Where did the name Oh! Canary come from?

Oh!: Often exclaimed when we make a discovery or have a brilliant idea. 

Canary: A melodious yellow bird that is a symbol of joy, freedom, and development.

Are you flexible with the age ranges?

Yes!  Each child's development is so unique.  Age ranges for class offerings are suggestions, so if you feel that a different offering might be best for your child, contact us, and we'll discuss.

Make- ups?

Classes will be rescheduled in the case of inclement weather.  We can accommodate one make up class for each season of The Toddler Collective and Art Explorers.  There are no make ups offered for after school elementary art classes because of the continuity of the projects.  

Do you offer drop- ins?

Yes, for the Toddler Collective and Art Explorers, drop- ins are welcome if classes are not full.  Contact us as late as the morning- of if you are interested in dropping in.  Drop- in Rates: $25 for the Toddler Collective, $32 for Art Explorers.

Do you offer a sibling discount?

Yes, 10% off for each sibling.