Oh! Canary is hosting 8 weeks of summer camp from June 26- August 22, 2019. 

Each week at Camp Canary artists will explore an engaging theme, listed below.  Campers will make creations daily using diverse materials to explore and express their ideas.  We'll stretch our imaginations, tinker in our outdoor studio, sing silly songs, collaborate on installations, and learn through many different mediums of art making alongside experienced and nurturing teachers.

A healthy snack is included, and we'll walk down the block to Memorial Park daily for lunch, fresh air, and open play.  9:00 am drop- off is available, and we offer 15% sibling discount. Payment plans are now available with 50% due at checkout and 50% due on 5/1 for July camps/ 6/1 for August camps.


Modern Dollhouse Design, Ages 5-10

During this week artists will assemble a modern dollhouse kit crafted by local woodworking organization Maplewoodshop! Once their houses are built, we’ll design an interior blueprint and plan out wall colors and furniture layout. We’ll paint walls and apply wallpaper, build our own mini furniture from an assortment of interesting materials, create mini art work, rugs and of course peg dolls to play with in their new digs.  Mini Camp 2 SPOTS LEFT June 26- 28 ($245 + $45 Dollhouse Fee) OR Camp July 29- August 1 ONE SPOT AVAILABLE ($325 + $45 Dollhouse Fee)   9:30 am- 2:00 pm.


FULL Little Architects, Ages 4.5 -9

During this camp week, we’ll focus on two types of structures: tree houses and skyscrapers. On days 1 and 2 we'll explore images of all kinds of treehouses. We'll make blue prints of our own treehouses and then build models from recycled and wooden materials. On days 3 and 4, we'll switch gears to the city and look at skyscrapers from around the world. We'll draw them from our image observation and then build our own tall structures. Once complete we'll collaborate to make a model city that will include all of our skyscrapers. July 8-11, 9:30 am- 2:00 pm. $325


FULL Fashion Week, Ages 5-10

It’s fashion week at Oh! Canary! During this week of camp, our designers will design an outfit for a small wooden mannequin using fabrics and assemblage materials. They will then sketch their creations after looking at examples of fashion illustration. On days three and four, we’ll design and make life sized sound suits inspired by Nick Cave and collaborate to create a group performance for our costumes. July 15- 18, 9:30am- 2:00 pm. $325.


FULL Street Art Camp, Ages 4-9

During this week of camp we’ll go large, public, and avant garde as we explore street art. We’ll make collaborative chalk paint murals on the sidewalk, wheatpaste images on plywood, explore stenciling and tagging with (non toxic!) chalk spray paint , make Invader style mosaics, and yarn bomb secret parts of the park. We’ll look at work by Olek, JR, Banksy, Invader, and Julian Beever to inspire our (legal!) street art. July 22- 25, 9:30-2:00pm. $325.


FULL Making with Nature, Ages 4-9

Summer and nature go hand in hand! There's so many textures, smells, and colors to explore outdoors. During our week together, artists will investigate concepts and projects with an emphasis on how we can use nature to create. We'll spend lots of time in our outdoor studio and the park working with the elements. We'll explore light with sun prints and earth with clay and nature installations. We'll dye t-shirts with indigo, tinker with wood and nails, and concoct magic potions with botanical and essential oils. One of our fave camp weeks! August 5- 8, 9:30-2:00pm. $325.


FULL Rocketships and Shooting Stars, Ages 4-9

During this week at camp we’ll explore the final frontier. We’ll build rocket ships, embroider constellations, paper mache a collaborative solar system and turn our studio into a collaborative space installation! It’ll be out of this world! August 12- 15, 9:30-2:00pm. $325.


FULL Things That Zoom! Ages 4-9

Does your child love wheels, balls, and flying objects?! We’ll play a lot with this interest throughout this week of camp. We’ll paint with monster trucks, build vehicles from recycled materials, work on collaborative train tracks, and explore the STEAM concepts of force and motion through experiments like painting with marbles, catapulting marshmallows, and creating ramps for our vehicles. August 19-22, 9:30-2:00pm. $325.